Photos that capture the unique individual.

"Hands that Nurtured".  Photo of hands holding flowers. Photo of woman's hands. Photos of mother's handsThe last time the family was all together, we took the “usual suspects” type of photo.  You know the pose, line everybody up.  Ask everyone to smile and try to make sure a tree is not growing out of the top of Uncle John’s head!  Everybody’s in the photo, but frankly it looks (almost, if not exactly) like the photo from last year.  Maybe the clothes have changed.  Probably the hairstyles haven’t!

I find I am wanting to take images of the people I love that shows them as an unique individual, what they love to do, what they are passionate about.  I have to take a second look to find the image, but it’s not hard if I ask questions about what they are interested in.

My mom, who will be 89 in February, is passionate about flowers.  Growing up, we always had flowers, both outside and inside.  Mother’s favorite gift?  Flowers.  Riding in the car with her, she’s always on the lookout for beautiful flowers and makes sure you see them too.

Her hands have always been busy meeting needs.  She made most of my clothes when I was growing up.  I remember many trips to the fabric store with her.  When I had kids, she made pajamas for them each year, even though at the time we lived on opposite sides of the country.  Years ago, she made two quilts for me from the same materials she had used to make my clothes growing up.  Precious gift, precious memories!  I slept under one of those quilts last night.

Hands that met practical needs, yet also planted the seeds in my heart to appreciate beauty.  In future posts  you will see photos of flowers, some of them macro (very close up), because like my mom, I am passionate about beautiful flowers!


4 thoughts on “Photos that capture the unique individual.

  1. What a beautiful photo and beautiful memories! Your mom sounds like a wonderful lady! How wonderful to have a close bond with your family! Thanks for sharing the photo and memories!

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