Photography Gifts

It was cold, dark, and the wind was blowing.  Soon, I would feel raindrops on my face.  Quickly I scooped sand into a white trash can liner.  My niece, Danielle, sat huddled in the car with the heater running.  The car headlights were the sole source of light to make sure it was only sand I was scooped into my bag.

In a few months, the next August to be exact, my husband and I would be attending a wedding on this beach.  We had watched the bride grow from a blond haired three year old to a young woman, beautiful both in character and body.  Her mother had been my best friend for over 19 years.  Our daughters had grown up as friends.

I wanted to give the bride something special, something more than the gift we would purchase from her wedding registry.

One of the joys I find in being a photographer is giving my images as gifts, often in the form of a customized photo card.  I knew Emily planned to be married on the sugar white beaches of the Florida panhandle.  I live hundreds of miles away from that beach.  That’s why I was scooping white sand into a bag on a cold December night.  We were in the area for a Christmas visit with extended family.

The majority of my photos are close-up or macro.  I plan most of the images I snap.  Probably 85%  are shot using a make shift tabletop studio by my back door.  The diffused side lighting coming through the sliding glass doors remains my favorite.

The wedding rings belong to my husband and me.  We celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary this week!  The star fish usually reside as a decoration for the beach themed room in our home.

Good photography is not only about getting the technically correct shot.  It is a gift.  It’s a gift God has given me.  It’s a gift you give your viewers.  The gift may be an image of time spent with a loved one or an encouragement to pause in the midst of a busy day to enjoy the beauty God has created in a flower.

The more images you shoot  the easier it will be to find your own style, your gift.  I wonder what “gift” your camera will capture this week.


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