Photographing from a Different Angle

"Hibiscus". underside of flowers, Yellow, pink and coral hibiscusTaking the opportunity to see something from an unexpected angle often brings a new appreciation and clarity I didn’t have before.

I never realized the underside of flowers could be beautiful until I began searching for an image to shoot for an assignment in a color photography class.  My assignment was to capture an image showing analogous colors.

The orange hibiscus blooming by my patio door did not seem to be the answer I was looking for, until the wind blew and I saw the underside of the bloom.  There before my eyes; like a little girl twirling in her multicolored skirt; the flower showed off her shades of  pink, orange and yellow.  What a surprise to see this gorgeous collection of colors on the bottom side!   After this experience the traditional front view of this flower always seems quite tame and boring to me.

A secored tulip on green backgroundnd look can reveal beauty present but unannounced, like a shy person hiding in the background.  First impressions never show me the depth of beauty in a person or a flower.  Each created by God has its own unique and beautiful angles.  I may not see their beauty unless I change my point of view.


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