Photographing Your Pet and Their Personality

Our beloved, somewhat affectionate black and white house cat died just before Christmas at the mature age of 17 1/2 years old.  Ready for a new pet, this time we wanted one a bit more affectionate.  In January 2010, my son and I went to the local S.P.C.A to find a kitten.  One particular 12 week old kitten liked to cuddle.  Arriving at the facility only the day before,  he was all white with the exception of a black tail and two black markings in the shape of a butterfly on the top of his small head.  He quickly captured our hearts.

An animal with such handsome markings surely needed an unique and exciting name, but none of the unusual names fit his personality.  Day by day this small bundle of fur exceeded our highest expectations for an affectionate cat.  He always wanted to be with you, sort of like your best buddy.  So we named him “Buddy”.  His name always brings a smile to those who meet him for the first time and it describes him perfectly!

Buddy  is quite vocal.   If he could talk (in human words) I am confident he would  constantly ask, “Why not?”  He lives life with enthusiasm, always ready for the next adventure, the next encounter.

I wish I had great photos of him as a young kitten; I don’t.  All the images I attempted to snap are blurry.  He always galloped toward me at full speed, excited to play, eager to be  with me.  Buddy taught me that photographing objects like energetic pets or small children requires a fast shutter speed.  This “freezes” the motion.  If your camera has a “sports mode” use it for constantly moving objects like frisky kittens or 2 year old  little boys.

This portrait of Buddy hanging  upside down over the edge of a chair shows his truly playful personality.  I’ve since snapped crisper images of him, but this one is my favorite.  It shows Buddy being himself.

At times we wonder if this engaging cat is perhaps part dog.  Why?  Well…he plays fetch with my husband!  After a short nap in my lap each night, he will go sit at Bill’s feet and wait for him to throw small wadded up pieces of scrap paper.  The question, “Where’s your toy?” lets Buddy know the game is about to begin.  When the bite size balls of paper are thrown around the corner into the next room, Buddy charges after them.  Once this prey is captured, he bats it around like a soccer ball a few times.  Then using his teeth he picks it up, brings it to my husband dropping the small paper ball at his feet.  Buddy is ready for the game to begin again and again and again.

This post was written with Buddy lying in my lap, completely filling the space between the keyboard and me.  Yes, this furry bundle of energy, playfulness and affection is happiest when in contact with those he loves.  He is after all our “buddy.”


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