Photography Story Found in Stillness and Silence

"Purple Passion".  Purple passion flower on greenOur lives are full, in fact usually overflowing, with constant stimuli  from the world.  Cell phones, the internet, text messages, TV, mp3 players, sounds of traffic, the hum of airplanes overhead, people around us, the neighbor’s barking dog, and even the sound of our own voice are all a part of our days.

Sometimes it’s hard to “unplug” and shut it all out.  I’ve discovered that being still and quiet is necessary for creativity as well as refreshment for my soul.  It amazes me that some of the most important things I have heard and seen are often in the context of silence and stillness.

When I see the intricate detailed shapes, patterns and color combinations through the macro lens of my camera it never fails to take my breath away!  There is always a few seconds of awe when the only profound thing I can think to say is “WOW!”  In these seconds of silence when I am at a loss for words, I realize that God, the Maker of all, has given me a glimpse of his power and creativity.  It becomes a moment of worship, not for the creation, but of the Creator.  All the busy activity and noise of the day is temporarily silenced and  I gain a new perspective. In the Bible there is a verse that sums it up, “Be still and know that I am God…” (Psalm 46:10a)

Well, that’s a bit of my story and why I am so passionate about macro photography.  What is your story?  What type of photography image captures your eye?  Perhaps it’s not photography but a type of music that gives wings to your heart?  Everyone has their own story.  What’s yours?  I would love to hear it.


2 thoughts on “Photography Story Found in Stillness and Silence

  1. Great post, both the thought and the photo. Indeed creation reveals an incredible Creator who has given us great beauty in amazing detail. Thank you for sharing your talent, Stephanie! Myrle (on Don’s computer again)

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