Photography Story – Facing Fear

"Hitch a Ride". photo ot toad or frogYou never know when, where or what the next photo opportunity will be.  Keep your camera battery charged and your camera nearby!  A surprise may be waiting for you.

This isn’t the type of photo I usually shoot.  I like to shoot images of beauty and frankly I just don’t think frogs, toads, etc. are pretty.  However, this image does tell a story.  Seeing this little guy riding on the plastic duck chlorine dispenser in our backyard pool reminded me of a story in my past when I had to face fear.

In elementary school  one of my science class assignments was to bring a frog to school.   As a child I was afraid of frogs, so I was not excited about this assignment.  My Uncle Bill caught a frog for me, put it in a shoe box and cut a small hole in the lid for fresh air.   On my Monday morning bus ride to school, I had to hold the box on my lap at arm’s length.  Each time the frog jumped up and down, thumping against the sides of the shoe box, my little heart did a big “thump” in my chest.  Several times when I looked down at the box, I was startled to see part of his head peeking through the air hole as he looked up at me. That was the longest bus ride of my life!

On a side note, the teacher canceled the lesson due to lack of frogs.  I was the only one who did the assignment!

Everyone has their own story.   Try capturing images this week that tell your story, maybe the part most people have never heard.  It may be pictures you find in a magazine, on the web or ones you shoot with your camera.  If it really is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, what do your images “say”?  Remember it’s your story.  Let me know how it goes.


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