Gifts That Offer Encouragement

I had surgery "Weary Gerbers".  red gerbers on blue backgroundon my left foot on March 8th.  The next week I spent lying flat on my back with my leg propped up–necessary to prevent swelling.  How good it is to be able to sit up for moderate lengths of time!  I have made it through what I imagine will be the hardest of my six weeks of recovery.

Like the red flowers held up by the glass vase, I am being held up by the care-giving of family and friends. This past week I have been shown such love and care in a variety of ways:  fresh ice packs when I needed them, meals brought to our home, laundry done, encouraging phone calls, a joke when I was feeling down, a pretty greeting card sent in the mail, a pot of pink tulips about to bloom, a friend who came to wash my hair, a floor vacuumed.  I know that ultimately all these gifts of encouragement came from God. I have experienced His love  through the hands, voices and smiles of those who are part of my world.


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