Lessons to Learn in the Waiting Room

"Waiting Bench", wood park benchWaiting . . . it’s not my favorite thing to do.  My guess it’s not yours either.  Yet, we are all waiting for something.

With the click of the computer mouse or a touch to the cell phone screen, information and contact with others is immediately available.  At the same time there are things for which we must wait.  Living in such an “instant” world I think makes waiting harder than it used to be.

On the Internet I read facts and viewed photos about the type of surgery I had on my foot.  After two weeks, the stitches are out.  The surgeon is pleased with my progress.  But the healing process is not complete.  I am still waiting.

The fact that recovery will take six weeks is something I know intellectually.  However, I admit I have checked the calendar a few times to make sure the last two weeks have not already stretched into four.  I am grateful this is a temporary disability, but nevertheless some days time seems to have slowed down.

Some lessons just take time to learn and they are best learned while waiting. In this waiting room experience I am learning to appreciate the everyday things I once took for granted: walking across a room, standing in a hot shower, driving a car, being able to reach something on a high shelf, going where I want when I want.

Waiting does not always mean the absence of action.  Sometimes it  is a time for seeing and appreciating things in a new way.


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