Orchids – Long Lasting Flowers to Photograph

The dancers are in place as the curtains open.  The spotlight hits the stage illuminating the big stars as well as the novice performers.

A piece of black velvet fabric serves as the background.  With diffused lighting passing through a glass door on the left and a lamp filling in the shadows with a “daylight” bulb to the right and below, I am ready to shoot images of this orchid plant with my Canon 100mm macro lens.  Setting up these shots using my tabletop studio, I feel like a stage director.

"Orchids on Display".  White orchids on black background.  White and purple orchids, orchids buds and blooms on a stem

I bought this orchid plant, full of blooms last summer.  I enjoyed the blossoms for weeks.  Since late August this miniature plant has been sitting on the windowsill of a small room in our home.  I waited, hoping it would bloom again.

Apparently, I picked the right location this time.  (Previous attempts that included too much sun and too much water proved to be fatal.)  Moderate temperatures, moderate watering and diffused window lighting have provided an environment for it to thrive.  What a delight four weeks ago to see the first blooms of this year begin to open.  As of today the two long stems on this small plant boast a total of sixteen blooms!

I read that there are between twenty-two and twenty-six thousand different species of orchids.   But just like the proud parent who only notices their child taking their final bow after the performance, I am thrilled each day to watch this exotic tropical floral performance on my windowsill.

"Three Orchids".  Photos of orchids together


One thought on “Orchids – Long Lasting Flowers to Photograph

  1. Wow beautiful! Your “directing” makes the petals appear to be glowing! Very dramatic with the black velvet background.

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