Hearts and Soles – A Simple Photography Image

"Heart and Soles".  Little girl's black shoes.  Photo of children shoesSometimes it only takes a  simple image to tell the story.

Shooting this image reminded me of the fun I had dressing up my own daughter when she was a toddler.  It reminds my big sister how much she enjoyed putting little black patent leather shoes on me when I was very young!

The hearts are reminders that whether the life journeys of my children lead them near or far away from me, they will always, always be dear to my heart.

The shiny baby girl shoes were purchased in a children’s consignment shop for a fraction of the usual retail price.  The white background is a roll of photography paper.  I purchased the red heart appliques from a fabric and craft store.  This image was shot with my Canon 50 mm fixed length lens on my table top photography studio.

This week I graduated to a “walking boot”.  It is the next step in my foot surgery recovery.  My boot is also black, but it is neither little or cute!  I considered decorating it, but hoping it to only be a temporary wardrobe accessory I have decided to leave it “basic black’ in appearance.


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