Tulip – In Full Bloom

Exuberant . . .  full . . . abundant . . .  joyful . . . descriptive words that came to mind when I photographed this image.

Shot with my 70-200 lens with a f5.6 aperture, the camera captured the tulip in focus while blurring the green grass behind it.  When I first began shooting floral close ups I was frustrated that even with a f5.6 aperture, the background in my photos did not have the blurred effect I wanted.  After many failed attempts I learned that with larger apertures such as f2 to f5.6, there also needs to be some distance between my subject and the background if  it is to have that soft out of focus appearance as a backdrop.

tulip in full bloom,  tulip on green backgroundTulips open quickly.  Within hours a bouquet of these flowers can go from closed blooms to fully open beauties.  Shortly after I began this photography session, there was an interruption that meant a lengthy delay in taking all the shots I wanted.  I slipped the full vase of tulips into our home refrigerator.  A  few hours in the cold air revived the tulips returning them to the appearance of freshly cut almost unopened blooms.

This full, abundant and joyful image seen from an unexpected angle is my favorite.  It reminds me of God’s creative artistry, his generosity and his concern not only for the details of a flower but even more so for the life and purpose of his most valued creation . . . you and me.


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