Courage in the Face of Unplanned Pregnancy

photo of teddy bear

Courage.  I have heard it defined as choosing to do the right thing even when you are afraid.  Courage . . .  I saw it in the face of an young woman this weekend.  She has chosen life for her unborn baby.  She will face many challenges and choices when it arrives, as well as in the days and months that follow.

Last Saturday night several women from our church hosted a baby shower at the local pregnancy center that supports life.  Due to confidentiality issues, we only knew the young woman’s age, first name and her favorite color.

At the center, free pregnancy tests and ongoing free counseling are provided throughout the pregnancy as well as the months that follow.

I know this young mom-to-be will face struggles I did not.  During my pregnancies  I had the benefit of a supportive husband,  extended family and friends.  However, I do celebrate her courage!  I celebrate her decision to choose life!  I believe God will honor her decision even in the midst of difficulties.

As I write this, we as a family are eagerly waiting for the birth of our second grandson any day now.  This pregnancy was planned.  The one I mentioned above was not.  But in both situations, each baby is God’s creation.  Psalm 139:13 expresses it well, “For it was You who created my inward parts; You knit me together in my mother’s womb.”


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