Gulf Breeze and White Sand Between My Toes

"Many Sea Oats".  sea oats at the beach, turquoise water at beach, white sand beachesThe prettiest beaches I have ever seen are in the Florida panhandle.  I have enjoyed the Destin/Ft. Walton Beach area while visiting family for over thirty years.

The combination of sugar white sand,  the turquoise/blue water of the Gulf of Mexico and the sway of golden sea oats always relaxes me.  The beauty and vast seascape remind me that God is bigger than me and the cares on my heart.

But what do you photograph when the sky is not picture postcard perfect?  What if the blue sky is hazy and the puffy white clouds are nonexistent?  That was the situation I faced on the day this image was taken.  Shooting below the horizon allowed only a sliver of the not so perfect sky to be included.  The primary focus was the sea oats against the backdrop of colorful water.  A small amount of white sand completed the scene.

This image has been enlarged, framed and displayed in my home for several years.  I see it several times each day and never tire of looking at it.  One quick glance and I can hear the surf crashing on the beach, feel the sand between my toes and the gulf breeze on my face.  In the distance there is a faint cry of a seagull.  For a few seconds I am at my favorite beach again.


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