Successful in Finding Your Niche

These days with the world available at the touch of your fingers through various and multiple electronic devices,  it becomes especially crucial that one finds his/her niche in order to be successful.  Advice such as “do what you are passionate about” is often given as a route to success.

I would like to introduce you to Tiger, a very successful cat (who uses no electronic devices.)   She has found her passion, her niche in life.   It is a calling she faithfully pursues.

Tiger is passionately loyal to elderly women.  Early in her life she bonded with my brother-in-law’s mother.  Upon the death of John’s mother, Tiger transferred her affections to my mother.

Where Mother is, Tiger is.  The irony is that my 89 year old mother is not very fond of cats. This fact has in no way hampered Tiger’s spirit or efforts.  When Mother goes into another room and closes the door, Tiger patiently waits by the door for Mother’s return.  When Mother goes to bed, Tiger goes to sleep on the corner of the same bed.  When Mother sits in her favorite chair, Tiger sits on the foot stool next to her.

Is this a picture of a successful cat?  I think it is.  Success is not always measured in terms of money, possessions, status, or experiences.  Maybe what it really means is to love what you do, do it well and be content.

Have you found your niche?


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