Happy Father’s Day

"Resting in Father's Arms".  photo of chld with fatherSometimes words or pictures stick in your mind long after you have encountered them.  They become part of you, as if engraved on your heart or written in permanent ink in your mind.

This image was shot at our oldest grandson’s birthday party in April.  Noah had enjoyed playing in the backyard and splashing in the kiddie swimming pool.  Running through the spray of water from the garden hose seemed to especially delight him.

Later, for just a few moments, he rested quietly, leaning against his father’s chest.  This image reminded me that God desires the same from me.  He wants me to lean on Him and to rest in his arms, even during my busy day to day activities.  He is safe to lean on, because his character is above reproach.

It’s Father’s Day weekend.  I remember leaning on my father’s chest many years ago, watching Shirley Temple and Tarzan movies on a Sunday afternoon.  Was my earthly father perfect? No, but I know he loved me.  Is my heavenly father perfect?  Yes, and I know He loves me like no other ever can.

Happy Father’s Day!


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