Details Make a Big Difference

Pink Rose Petals, waterdrops on rosesSometimes it is the little things that make a big difference.  A measurement of 1 to 1.5 centimeters does not sound large.  It doesn’t even look that large on my ruler.  It’s about half of an inch.  However, when you have a tendon with a tear that size, it means the next six weeks you wear a big black walking boot except when you are sleeping.  Not sure how the injury happened, but it means that I still am not back to “normal” following my March 8 foot surgery (which was for totally different issues.)

Sometimes there is a sense of awe and wonder when you see the details.   I know.  I am the gal who likes to shoot photos of the intricate parts of flowers.  So, rather than continue to give you more medical details (which are not a lot of fun), I thought I would share a photo with you that has minute elements of beauty.  With a small misting bottle one can recreate a host of tiny raindrops even when there are no rain clouds in the sky.  It is one of the fun things I like to do with macro photography.  I hope you enjoy this image.


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