Do I Want It Now or Can I Wait?

"Monarch caterpillar on leaf For the monarch, the caterpillar stage of life only lasts about two weeks.  Just think, only two weeks to turn into a thing of beauty.  What if two weeks were the longest we had to wait to transform into the beautiful princess or handsome prince?  Two weeks sounds good to me, but what if it takes longer?

Some think a caterpillar is a wonder to behold. They appreciate it for who it is at the moment.  Each monarch “caterpillar is banded with yellow, black, and white stripes. The head is also striped with yellow and black. There are two pairs of black filaments, one pair on each end of the body. The caterpillar will reach a length of 5 cm (2 in).  During the caterpillar stage, monarchs store energy in the form of fat and nutrients to carry them through the non-feeding pupa stage.” 1

For others, the caterpillar is a bit of a mystery.  Which end is the mouth?  Which end is the tail?  Wow, how many legs does one really need?  For these folks, the promise of what this colorful, hungry creature will one day become is the cause for excitement.  In their mind, they can already see a winged creature of beauty silently flitting from blossom to blossom.

There is beauty in each stage of life.  Do you want it now or can you wait?

(Quoted info taken from Wikipedia.)


2 thoughts on “Do I Want It Now or Can I Wait?

  1. Hi there! You found my blog, so you probably know I love butterflies. Lovely photos and words to accompany your images. I keep hoping I’ll go outside one day and find some monarch caterpillars on all the milkweed I planted – until then, I’ll enjoy them vicariously through your images 🙂

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