Are We There Yet?

"Butterfly".  Photo of butterfly on plantAs a child, I remember during a long road trip asking my dad,  “Are we there yet?”   Monarch butterflies might ask that question too.

Lengthy annual migrations are one of the monarch’s claims to fame.  These migrations are so long that no single butterfly can make the entire journey.  Eggs are laid by the females for future generations to continue and complete the trip.  Only this butterfly migrates both north and south on an annual basis.   source

However, this particular monarch’s world was confined to the Butterfly Encounter at Lucas Nursery in Oviedo, Florida.  (This location is both educational as well as a source for all things related to butterflies.)  The fragrance and colorful blooms of numerous butterfly host and nectar plants make this a perfect location to photograph a variety of  these insects.  Soft music in the background accompanied by the sounds of a splashing miniature waterfall cause this to be a place of beauty, relaxation and wonder.

This is a favorite place for me to visit.  What place makes you ask with excitement, “Are we there yet?”


2 thoughts on “Are We There Yet?

  1. Hi this a lovely post as kids I remember so well the “Are we there yet?” question to my parents. Nice to read of the Monarch butterfly and its amazing life especially that it takes them many generations to make the Southward and return journey. Yet they manage to return to the same location.

    Enjoyed your post. Thank you.

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