What Does It Take to Follow Your Passion?

"Gulf Fritillary"  photos of gulf fritillary butterfly,  purple passion flower with caterpillarNo “Ten Steps to Acquiring your Passion” will be listed in this blog!  Success may just boil down to one word, “persistence”.  I did not learn this from a book, a video or a podcast.  My sources of information were a vine and a plump orange and black caterpillar.

Which was the most persistent?  I will let you decide.

Of all the vegetation in our backyard, this caterpillar was only interested in the passion vine.  When I moved the caterpillar a distance away from its original location, it just began the long journey back toward the vine.  I was amazed at its “I am not giving up!” attitude.  Inch by inch, up and down one blade of grass and then another, it continued the journey back.  Seeing my actions had forced an incredibly long trip on this insect, I took the black and orange caterpillar back to the vine.  One day this persistent caterpillar will be a Gulf Fritillary butterfly.  (Stay tuned to future posts for photographs of this black and orange beauty.)

The passion vine also gives new meaning to the word persistence.  The original plant was a gift from my daughter and son-in-law.  Unknown to us, this plant sends runners underneath the ground that break through the surface sometimes quite a distance from the parent plant.  It is a good thing I like the plant, because it is here to stay!  Be sure you read all about this flowering vine before you put it in your yard.  Exotic blooms, sweet perfume and in some cases edible fruit are facts you will learn.  However, be sure to note the small print that says it may live at your current address longer than you!

Persistence . . . inch by inch. . . step by step . . . that’s how you follow your passion.    Which one will remind you to just do the next thing?  The caterpillar or the vine?


2 thoughts on “What Does It Take to Follow Your Passion?

    • Shelly, you may have made the better choice. It is astonishing how far these vines will travel underground. Probably will never get rid if this vine even if I wanted to. Sure is a low maintenance plant in that it blooms with a lot of neglect.

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