What Happens When The Timing is All Wrong?

Autumn leaves.  Autumn photos of colored leavesCentral Floridians are almost giddy with delight.  Temperatures have been just above 80 degrees and some days dipped into the seventies.  We take any tiny hint of autumn seriously and enjoy it immensely.

This may seem strange to those who experience months of cold and snow.  It is all a matter of perspective.  Central Florida can go years without experiencing freezing winter temperatures.  We never see snow.

Currently, the interior of local stores are decorated with orange, red and yellow leaves as well as various sizes of pumpkins.  However, the trees we see as we drive down the road often don’t change their leaf color until January.  That only happens if we are lucky to have some actual cold weather.

I photographed the leaves in this image last January.  Yes, we celebrated Christmas and then the leaves changed colors.  Like I said, fall is a confusing time in this semi-tropical environment.

So, whatever the timing, I celebrate any hint of fall we have.  The other 345 days I delight in the sunshine!


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