If Only_____, Then _____ ?

If only _________ then _________.   How would you fill in the blanks?

We spend much energy trying to fit in and be accepted.  If others were to discover who we really are, we might be rejected.  Often we try to be someone or something we are not.  When we exchange who we are for a false image, we present a dim, out of focus, dull photograph of who God created us to be.

This photo does not showcase a colorful fall panorama view.  It is just a simple vine with a few leaves.  Initially, when I shot this image, I found myself saying “If only I was up north where the leaves change color and there are forests full of beautiful fall leaves, then I could shoot a great fall image.”  This woody vine pictured here is NOT poison ivy.  Is is the Virginia Creeper.  Some say it is invasive.  Others say it is ornamental.

It is what it is, a vine with colorful leaves, a snapshot of beauty in the midst of a field of barren trees; a reminder to  look at the beauty God has created and put in my path, right now.  It is a reminder to be what God has created me to be, not a second rate imitation of someone else.

What is the “if only _____, then ______, in your life today?


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