What is the Story?

Pumpkin Patch Visit.  Children at Pumpkin Patch.  Pumpkin Patch photo of child. Photo ideas for children at pumpkin patchRolled up cuffs on his blue jeans, perched high on top of a big pumpkin, Andy’s chubby baby feet and short legs did not quite reach the ground. This image tells part of the story of our six month old grandson’s first visit to the pumpkin patch.

My daughter and I shot numerous images of Andy perched beside big pumpkins.  An image of this proud grandmother holding him as we sit surrounded by the fall harvest is framed so I can see it often and show it to others.  Recording how someone or something looks at a specific point in time is a document photo.  That is what the majority of our snapshots are.  Story telling images say more about who someone is.

I thought of this image before we went to the pumpkin patch. Andy will grow up so fast. The short legs will soon be long and his feet will be running from one thing to another. The years will go quickly. Instead of an infant I can carry, there will be a tall young man bending over to give me a hug.

This image reminds me of the joy I felt holding this precious child.  His soft skin, his baby feet peeking out below tiny rolled up blue jeans, and the slow sweet smile he gave me when I looked into his eyes on that crisp October morning, that’s the story I will remember.

Awe, joy, sympathy, dismay, images that arouse emotions stay in our minds longer than the hundreds of snapshots we quickly take.  How do you capture story telling images?  Before your finger pushes the shutter button, what do you see before you that triggers an emotion in you?


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