Beauty from the Underside

gerber flowers on black, underside of gerber flowers. oange, yellow gerber flower The underside of a flower generally does not get much attention.  After all it is not the main attraction.  Without the stem, there is no support, no beautiful bloom.

As I continue to deal with the limitations of  a torn tendon in my ankle, I know how important the not so gorgeous, but oh so necessary parts of our bodies are.

Only yellow petals show from the topside of this Gerber Daisy.  Hints of orange only visible on the underside remind me that God is at work even when it doesn’t look like He is.


2 thoughts on “Beauty from the Underside

  1. Hi from India again. What a beautiful picture and the point on appreciating the underside of flowers. Its so true. I wish you speedy relief for your ankle.

    Kind regards!

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