Thankful, Even Though It’s Been a Difficult Week

photo  of chrysanthemum, orange chrysanthemum or mum It has been a difficult week.  Maybe yours has been, too.  Or maybe last week was one you had rather not repeat.  Last week, this week, or the hard week coming around the bend, we all experience them.

But today I am thankful . . .

. . .  for God who loves me.

. . . that He, the Master Weaver knows the design He is creating even when all I see are the tangled threads below the canvas.

Some flowers look their best one petal at a time.  Others present their beauty with all the petals linked together.  The Master Creator has a design for each one.  Flowers help me remember that God has plans for good for me, too. That gives me hope.

What gives you hope when you need it?


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