Valuable Posssessions Left Behind

photo of white pansy.  Water drops on flowers

I receive a weekly email that notifies me of local estate sales.  Usually this includes photos of possessions the previous owner considered valuable in some way.

Last Sunday, my husband and I attended a memorial service.  Several hundred people were there to honor a woman.  Person after person told how she had influenced their lives.  Numerous people told of eating meals in her home.  Some were given a place to sleep for the night.  A few others found a place to call home when they had none.  The gifts she gave that were most valued were her time and her love.  Common themes were: “She wanted to hear my story. ” “She loved me when my life was a mess.”  “Her love changed my life.”  “She showed me how to find God.”  “She believed in me.”

Her most valuable possessions were God’s Word (the Bible) and the opportunity to tell and show the people in her life how much both she and God loved them.  What she left behind was priceless, people whose lives have been changed.

One of our most precious possessions and one of the most valued things we can give someone is not something we purchase.  We cannot save it, bargain for it, touch or see it.  This gift is not on sale the day after Thanksgiving. It has no connection to financial status, marital status, age, abilities or accomplishments.

The gift?  Time.  Christmas is just around the corner.  One of the best gifts we can give someone is time.  Time to listen to them.  Time to affirm them.  Time to help them in a practical way when their load is heavy.  Time to laugh with them. Time to tell and show them that God loves them.

Time . . .everyday we each get the same amount, just 24 hours. Cannot save it, have to spend it all.  How will we invest it?  What will we leave behind?


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