Recipe for Children Christmas Photos

Santa hat.  Child with Santa hat.Ingredients:

1 almost 8 month old happy baby boy (or girl)

1 active 2 1/2 year old little boy (or girl)

1 Santa hat

1 Decorated Christmas tree

2 Motivated photographers (their mom, our daughter, and me, the proud grandmother)

1 Set of Christmas lights

1 Red Sleigh

Directions:  Decorate tree beforehand.  Have one photographer make funny noises, gestures and faces to entertain subjects.  This hopefully will produce eye contact and smiles from children.  Second photographer should quickly assume whatever position will enable her/him to get the desired photographs.  Note:  This may include lying on the floor on your side or on your stomach.  Other pretzel like configurations may also become necessary.  Press the shutter button in rapid succession.  Finally, laugh a lot and enjoy yourself tremendously.

Serves:   Anyone who sees the photos, including 846 of your closest friends on Facebook.

Nutritional Information:   Zero calories and 100% fun.  This recipe is heart healthy and full of priceless memories that will last much longer than the Christmas cookies and hot chocolate you consumed yesterday.

Children in Christmas sleigh, Christmas sleigh for children photos

Baby in Christmas sleigh


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