Beauty, Begonias, and a Birthday

Beauty . . . skin deep, air brushed on a magazine cover or something else?

If I follow the constant media input from the advertising world, all I need to be beautiful are the latest fashions and the perfect body (whoever decided that one?!!??).  But outward beauty fades quickly, both in flowers like these pink Begonias as well as the human form.

Pink begonia, Begonia in vase

Today is my mother’s 90th birthday.  You won’t see her airbrushed on a magazine page, but she is beautiful.  This photo of Mother, my sister and I was taken Christmas 2011.  No “glamour glow” filter applied to this photo.  It is just a family photo of a beautiful woman who has lived a full life and influenced those around her in her own quiet, but significant way.  Deep down isn’t that what we all hope, that we have in some way made a difference in our own sphere of influence during this short time God gives us to live here on earth?


2 thoughts on “Beauty, Begonias, and a Birthday

  1. A truly beautiful post. A persons real beauty is radiance that comes from deep within. We always find comfort and solace in their presence! Many good wishes to your mom for her 90th birthday!

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