What is Important? Why? Clutter and a Caladium?

photo of red and green caladium, raindrops on caladium leafDuring the last two months I have had the desire to evaluate what needs to stay in our home and what needs to leave.  I am sure this was a result of the upheaval during the major remodeling of our bathroom.  As multiple delays prolonged the project, my desire for order increased.

Having read various books on getting rid of clutter and organizing your home, I knew decisions had to be made.  Adequate space available to hold our treasures? What stays? What needs to leave? Those are the questions I usually asked.  Somehow, I never made much progress.

This time was different.  I discovered the crucial questions to ask first.  What is important to me/to us?  Why?  The results?

  • Several trips to donate numerous bags of items to Goodwill (from several areas of our home).
  • Freed up adequate space to store what is important to us.
  • Letting go of what no longer matters has resulted in a new enjoyment of our home.
  • Finally, during a major change it was easier to evaluate things once considered important.  I found many things I was holding onto were no longer important in this current season of life. This was true not only for “things”, but also for expectations and attitudes.

The beautiful “new” bathroom is finished.  It was worth all the delays and the lessons learned!

Photography is similar.  One must first decide what is important and why.  Then you know where and on what to focus.  Equally important, you know what to leave out of the photo. This is especially true in macro photography. This shot features raindrops on a single Caladium leaf, the part that fascinated me.

Two important questions I need to continue to ask:  What is important? Why?


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