Wowed at Wal-Mart???

Ever losphoto of orange flower on black, orange star photoe motivation for the things you love to do?  Recently, I have had little motivation to shoot photographs.  At times I thought about storing the camera, except for family events.

Then one Friday I was inspired at Wal-Mart.  Sure wasn’t expecting that!  That is where I shop for bargains on various items, but not photography inspiration.  I was feeling a bit blue that day.  Looking at live flowers usually picks me up, so I headed to the small garden section.  Then I saw it, a flower I had never seen before.  I was intrigued.  Having photographed so many during the last seven years, this was indeed a treat!

This is an Orange Star.  Tightly clustered orange flowers cover the top third of each stem.  Every fully opened bloom is about the size of a nickel.  Uniform moist potting soil and good drainage have kept this plant happy.

A new photography challenge, a reminder of why I love to shoot images.  What I see through my camera lens reminds me that God has created beauty that He wants to share.  The beauty in nature reflects Him.


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