Only 19 When the World Changed

"Mother-and-Daddy". 1940's photos of servicemanThey were only 19 when they married.  A few months later my dad was drafted and went off for Army basic training. December 7, 1941, was the day that changed so many lives.  In this 1943 photo my mother was pregnant with my older brother.

Daddy never talked much about World War II with me.  He was in the Battle of the Bulge in Europe.  Like so many veterans, the memories that still were a part of them were not ones they wanted to dwell on.  Many years later, I asked if he wanted to watch a WW II mini-series with me that was on the television. That particular episode was about the concentration camps in Europe.  With tears in his eyes he told me “no”.  He was an eye witness to the results of the concentration camps.  He knew what happened when freedom was taken away.

I just talked with my mother a few moments ago.  She is 91.  Some of her memories are a bit dim from so long ago.  From bits and pieces of conversations she and I have had over the years, I know that spouses and family always sacrifice much to send their loved ones off to war.

May we in 2013, not take for granted what so many have sacrificed in order to give us freedom.  I pray that we will rise to the challenge when we are called to do so. Freedom is not free.  It costs.


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