Life is to be Savored

In the past two weeks it has been  a privilege and delight for my husband and I to have visits from both of our “big” sisters. Each has played tremendously positive and significant roles in our lives.  Lydona and Cindy both enjoy “going to tea” so this blog post is dedicated to them.  Included are some some images I recently shot of teacups."Savor Life".  Photos of multiple teacups..

They have taught us to savor life."A Touch of Elegance".  Teacups on rose background.

Sometimes life can be sipped like a cup of tea.  Other times it is like the quick big gulp you take as you race from one thing to the other!

Some events this week have reminded me to savor life with those I love, whether it is in the times of delight and fun together, or in times of stress and crises.

Last weekend we visited the Titanic exhibit. Learned  a good bit that I did not know.  As I looked at the various exhibit items and photos I was reminded that this was not just a historical event that Hollywood has made into a movie more than once.  These were real people whose lives were forever changed by one event.

Life is to be savored today.


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