I Knew It was Dangerous

"Candy Corn".  photo of candy cornI knew I was in trouble.

This was dangerous territory I was venturing into during this photo shoot.  It was not totally unexpected.  Yet, I did not remember it ever being mentioned during the two macro photography classes I took online.

I opened the bag.  The delicious smell of corn candy (my favorite at this time of year) wafted into the air.  So far, I was okay.

Laying the candy (artistically of course) on the background, I noticed imperfections in certain pieces of candy.  Imperfections are greatly multiplied with a macro lens.  Not wanting to spend lots of time editing the photo I decided to eat the one piece that was definitely not perfect.

I had crossed the line.  There was no going back!  The imperfect pieces of candy corn needed to be dealt with quickly!

No, I did not eat them all!  Sure thought about it.  Instead I saved them for next photo session.


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