You Feel Worse than You Look . . .?

Growing up In the deep South, we have a saying"Tiger".  Tiger photos. about someone giving you a left-handed compliment. ( Not sure why it is called a left handed as opposed to a right handed one.  No offense meant to those who are left handed).

How to recognize such a compliment?  It is given is when someone is trying to saying something nice about you, but it feels a bit awkward.  Inside you are thinking, “I think that was a compliment . . . sort of, maybe.”  Your next thought is whether you are suppose to say thank you or not.  To be on the safe side you usually say, ” uh . . . Thanks.

As I sat in the doctor’s office yesterday, the doctor said, “You feel worse than you look”.  This was good news since the lab test had just confirmed that I did not have the flu my husband had spent the week enduring.  There was a relief, even though having similar symptoms to his is what had sent me to this appointment.

Today, I remembered this photo I shot of a tiger in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  Not exactly a happy face, but hey, may the creature looked better than it felt.


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