Do You Think God Organizes His Refrigerator?

It’s January again.  You know what that means.Close ups of Purple orchids, organizing refrigerators

Everyone is talking about organizing their life, losing weight, and doing everything in their life “better” than they did last year.  Yes, I have been reading a few of those tips, too.

Honestly, the topic is very hard to miss if you are within three feet of a source of social media or a group of live persons just after January 1st!  By January 30th the world will will be discussing something else.  Note: February is a great month to buy “almost new” exercise equipment.

Mum-Yellow, Close up of chrysanthemun

This has lead me to a question I have been pondering.  Do you think God organizes his refrigerator?  Upon reflection, my answer is I don’t think so.  After all, He has a whole universe to run.  And you thought you had a lot of stuff to deal with!

Looking through the macro lens, I can confirm that He is very, very good at organizing His creations.  The patterns, the colors, He is SO good!


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