Beauty in Grief

Angel in graveyard. Beauty in grief, angel statueSaying good-bye can be so very, very hard.

Grief can be powerful, the pain deep.  Sometimes it is hard to just breathe.

Several years ago, I was going through a season of grief.  No one had died.  I was mourning the loss of something very dear to me.  I could not yet see the joy God would give me in the next phase of my life.  All I could see then was my loss.

It was during this time of grief, I found this angel statue in a graveyard.  She was quite large, perhaps ten feet tall and was the centerpiece of a family plot.  She was beautiful.  I would go look at her about once a week and cry out my pain to God.  No one thinks you are strange if the tears are flowing while you are in the graveyard.

Midst the many tears, I drew comfort from God when I looked at her beauty.

Art touches the soul.  It helps us take a second look.  God uses it to remind us He is there and He is bigger than what we are experiencing.


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