Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!Happy Easter?  In the midst of seeing my mother die?

A friend wrote to me yesterday, “Grief is a hard place to be.”  It is.  It most definitely is.

Sometimes grief grabs you at the least unexpected moment.  A word, a smell, a memory, even kind words from someone can trigger tears.  Yet, those same things can trigger a smile, too.

Letting go is hard. Seeing one you love so much continue to suffer is hard, too.

Happy  Easter?  Yes!  Why?  Because as we watch her earthly body continue to decline, we have the hope of seeing her again one day in heaven.

That is what is so special about Easter.  Although Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was crucified, He rose from the dead three days later.  He conquered death.  The reality is especially sweet now as my sister and I care for our mom as she transitions from this world to the next.

Easter is the promise of hope.  Heaven is real, because Jesus victory over death is real.




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