Can “Google” Teach Me to Be a Good Mother?

Zillions of flowers given, crowded restaurants, family photos,  phone calls, gifts. . . it is Mother’s Day weekend!

Mother's Day, pink dahlia

Need to know how to be a good mother?   “Just google it.”  Good answers?  Maybe.  Sometimes.

Going through a tough time? Give me someone who has successfully made the same or similar journey and made it to the other side any day over someone who is expounding from their store of facts!  Watching, listening, and learning from those who have walked the path before me beats “google” every time.

Age is not a guarantee of maturity, but often there is untapped wisdom from the older generation.  They made some mistakes, but that also means they have a wealth of knowing how to deal with the struggles and hurdles in life.

 Being a good mother is not about doing it perfectly. (As a new mom I thought it was.)  It is about being there, going the distance for someone, loving sacrificially, loving your child (even as an adult) no matter what.  Activities and responsibilities change with seasons of life, but a mother never stops being a mother.

Mother’s Day is a day to say, “Thanks Mom!”  Over the years, as I navigated the various stages of motherhood, my appreciation has continually increased for this woman who loved, cared, and sacrificed for me. So, Mother, although you are 92 and near the end of your life, this is my public declaration to the world. I love you!  Thanks for always, always loving me.  Your body is weak.  You depend on us for everything now (to feed you, to turn you over in the bed, and a host of other things).  It is a privilege to care for you.  Your voice is weak.  You don’t talk much now and most of the day your eyes are closed.  But, when I tell you, “I love you, Mama,” it still thrills my heart to hear your faint  reply, “I love you, too”.



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