A Tribute

There are reasons I have not posted anything in three months.  My mother went to heaven, late May 2014. Until now, this has been too close, too personal to share on the web.  I miss her voice, her touch, her smile. The photo was one I took of her hands quite a few years ago.  I call it “Hands that Nurture”.

It was my privilege to help my sister care for our mother her last two months in hospice. We saw God show up in so many ways. It was a difficult time, but one full of sweet blessings. I will always be glad I was there. My loving husband was so supportive in giving me the freedom to do this. Below is my tribute to Mother, that was read at her memorial service in June.  


Each of us leaves a legacy. Our choices and how we live each day, each year, leaves a mark on others.

Mother never finished high school. She never traveled far. She had no shelf on the wall full of awards. But when she went to heaven on May 23, 2014, she left a legacy of rich love and deep influence. She deeply loved others. She was deeply loved. By being faithful to God and who He designed her to be, she influenced others, especially me.

My brother, my sister and I never doubted our mother loved us. Her words and actions made it a question we never thought to ask. What a blessing to have such a mother! She gave each of us the freedom to be individuals and simply loved us for who were. The three of us agree, that we are who we are today, in large part because of her.

Mother was a woman of courage and perseverance. During her 92 years she experienced both deep heartache and decades of physical pain. Yet, she chose to not become a bitter woman. Instead she chose to love and do the best she could.

An excellent seamstress, she made most of my clothes when I was growing up. After I married and had my own home, she made quilts for me. The quilts were designed using scraps from the many clothes she had made me through the years. Each of her children and grandchildren also were given quilts crafted by her.
Hands-that-Nurtured, death, legacy
Every time I visited her, she always had selected something she wanted to give me. Before I left she always asked the same question, “Is there anything I have that you want?” She was a generous woman.

Many times, when Mother, my siblings, and I were in the car together, she would utter a loud unexpected cry. We thought she was in pain. No, it was just Mother’s response to beautiful flowers she had seen on the roadside. How that woman loved beautiful flowers! Don’t think Mother ever met a flower she didn’t like!

Strong and courageous she chose to do what was right (sometime at great personal sacrifice), yet one who retained her beauty, gentleness, humor and faithful love to the end. Of all the blessings God has given me, being her daughter is one of the best and most prized. 

Mama, I look forward to the day we will be together again. The miles will no longer separate us. We will sing and dance and worship Jesus together forever. I love you!




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