It’s Time to Try Something New

On my “bucket list” (things to do at least once in my life) is to go somewhere where I have more than one tree to depend on for colored leaves!

Ok, so I have to be creative to find colored leaves in the subtropics, especially in Autumn.   Our leaves change color in January or February.  Very confusing to celebrate Christmas and then have autumn leaves!  A girl has to work with what she has!

Autumn-TexturesThis  October, I found one tree on my morning neighborhood walks whose leaves actually change color.  Half way on my circular route, it is my reward.  It gets me out of the house onto the pavement those mornings I don’t initially feel like walking, but know I will be glad I did afterwards.

This is one of the best ones I discovered last week.  Not too exciting just by itself, but put on a piece of old wood and zoom in with a macro lens.  Textures!  Textures!  Love it!  Not my usual subject matter to photograph and now you know why.

Thanks for taking “A Second Look”.





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