Tangled in Your Christmas Tinsel?

It happens!


Food to prepare.  Ok, I am going to admit it to the world.  Martha Stewart, Betty Crocker, or Julia Child do not live at our home.  Not one of them has stopped by to visit and bring us festive food creations.  Where are these food divas or their Christmas elves when you need them???

Santa's StashPresents to buy.  Some people, I know exactly what to give to them.  There’s a few whose yearly answer is “I don’t know” when asked what they are hoping for under the tree.  I keep hoping next year they will be more specific. 🙂  Probably shouldn’t hold my breath on this one.

Decorations to put up.  Certain decorations I look forward to seeing again.  A few I thought I gave to a charity store last year, but apparently I did not.  Others my mom made I keep for sentimental reasons. This is our first Christmas without her.  (She is probably having the best Christmas of all . . . heaven with Jesus, and angels singing, etc.  Bet it is spectular!)  Definitely keeping the ones made by our kids when they were growing up.  What mother can resist saving those featuring their missing tooth photos?  How did they grow up so fast?

Parties and Celebrations.  This year, we had time with extended family, early November, Thanksgiving, and the first week of Christmas.  Feels like I have already celebrated, because being with family is so important to me!  Seeing our two grandsons (age 3 and 5) open their gifts on Christmas Eve will be the final highlight for me!

Christmas-Time_3990Think I have convinced my husband to drive through neighborhoods to see the Christmas lights at night this weekend.  Thought we would top off the night with some hot chocolate.  Then he reminded me that it’s hot weather here, oh well.  Turn up the air condition.  Create your own mood.

Wanted to shoot some Christmas images, different from the flowers, ornaments, decorations I have done in the past.

Untangle your tinsel.  Enjoy yourself and the ones you love.

Thanks once again for taking a “A Second Look”.  www.stephaniehalstead.com




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