Not Your Grandmother’s Quilt

No, my grandmother’s quilts did not look like these!  A friend and I saw creativity, beauty and humor expressed in delightful ways by very talented women this past weekend at the Quilt Fever 2015.  This event was presented by the Florida Cabin Fever Quilters Guild, Inc.

Fabric, buttons, and thread brought together, and sewn into amazing, yes, breathtaking art.  No two were alike.  There was something for everyone’s taste.  My favorites did not run toward the traditional (there certainly were some beautiful ones), but to ones with vibrant, jewel tone colors.  What an extravagant feast for the eyes and for the soul!


 Embellished with buttons.


Can you count the endless circles?  Do not know the name of the quilting artist of this beautiful, fun one.


 This one was displayed by a vendor.

My young grandsons would love this one above or the one below.

Dogs I Have Known

“Dogs I Have Known” by Marilyn Clayton, Belle Isle, FL


This exotic one was a small quilted wall hanging.  What colors!  Such detail!  Talented woman!


You could purchase and make this kit with a butterfly theme.  No, I am not a quilter, just an admirer.

Autumn Memories

“Autumn Memories” by Ellyn Intemann, Orlando, FL

This was just a portion of a larger quilt.  As a cat lover, this one appealed to me.

Buttoned Down Stars

“Buttoned Down Stars” by Kate Elliot, Casselberry, FL

This was one of my two favorites.  I returned to it several times.  The photo does not do it justice.  The colors were brilliant.  Each time I looked at it I saw something new.  Really good art beckons you to look and look and look again.

Ray Steve and Josie

“Ray, Steve and Josie” by Ann Turley, Fallbrook, CA

I rounded the corner and came upon these three giraffes.  I laughed out loud immediately and then laughed some more.  I have beautiful things in my home, but not anything that makes me laugh every time I see it.  Do you have things that cause laughter to just bubble up in your soul?   A few minutes later, another woman came around the corner and saw this quilt.  Her reaction?   Spontaneous, out loud laughter!  This was my second favorite.

My grandmother’s quilts were made by hand, not machine like most of these.  Times were hard.  Fabric choices were limited. Quilts were made to be pretty, but more than anything they meant the difference in getting some sleep on a very, very cold winter night. They were their own special form of art.

Thanks for taking a second look.


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