Sometimes You Have to Try Something New

I really really like colors, especially the vibrant ones!  So, what are these two photos doing on my website?  I shot them to sell in the antique store that carries my art.  (Also available for you online fans, too.)   🙂

The soft lighting and glow remind me of a baby’s softness.  Ever watch people coo and smile at a small baby?  Their voices grow softer, the lines of tension relax in their face.  Their eyes light up.  They are almost as fun to watch as the baby who has temporarily captured their heart.
Baby's Little ShoesBaby's-Things

An eyelet christening gown provides the background here.

These victorian baby shoes, as well as the christening gown, are on loan to me by a friend.

Our son’s silver  baby cup is filled with fragrant Baby’s Breath.  His name is engraved on the other side.

Thanks for taking “A Second Look”.  More images are waiting for you at


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