Thrift Store Beauty Found

It was an impulse buy, this wedding dress I found in the thrift store several years ago.   I did not need a wedding gown, but its beauty captured my heart.  As I held it up for inspection, trying to make up my mind whether to buy it, several women in the store were also caught in its magic.  The dress spoke to each of us on some level.  Its beauty touched that little girl that resides in every woman, no matter her age.  That little girl that likes to “play dress up”.  Something-Blue

The covered buttons grabbed my attention, but the fabric roses are what sealed my decision to own this beautiful but simple creation.  Over the years, I just never seemed to find the perfect way to photograph it . . . until last week.

A friend loaned me several vintage wedding items including a much older vintage wedding gown (more on that in my next post) and a dress form.  The 1930’s wedding gown was too small for the dress form, but it was a perfect fit for my thrift store treasure.

Thanks for taking “A Second Look.”


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