48 Buttons

Forty-eight buttons. Not something a nervous bride could ever hope to do by herself.  Thirty-two satin covered buttons secured the back of the dress.  Eight similar ones were on each sleeve that tapered down to her wrists.


Lace decorated the front bodice and back neckline.  The satin gown was beautiful but heavy, especially with the long train that followed her down the aisle.  Fragrant orange blossoms helped to hold her veil in place.   It was the fashion of the times.


Her groom waited at the front of the church, just as nervous as her.  He too, was attired the in the fashion for a formal wedding with his top hat, gloves and long tails on his suit.


Fashions change.  What does not change?  I think it is the presence of nervous brides and grooms.

It was my privilege to photograph this beautiful 1930’s vintage wedding gown, shoes, veil, gloves and top hat.  Who had worn this dress? Did she and her husband grow old together?  What dreams, joys and sorrows did they share?  I wished the dress and top hat could speak and take me back in time to see this couple wed.  Their beauty was a silent witness to what I could only dream of with my imagination.

Once again, thank you for taking “A Second Look”.

More images are posted at http://www.stephaniehalstead.com.



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