Tree Top Lane

Stepping out of one’s comfort zone can be challenging.  Will I succeed or will I fail?  How will I ever know if I don’t take the risk?

I have decided to take up the challenge of a photo course with WordPress.  The challenge each week day will be to post one photo related to a theme that is picked by WordPress.  Most of my photography is studio related. It is inspired by an occasion or items I really like.  So, having someone else pick the subject matter is an adventure.  Not sure I will make every assignment, but here it goes.Tree-Top-Lane-2

The second day challenge was to photograph a street.  The ideal street to me would be one through the forest, because I love the outdoors, like this photo of a country lane in northern Florida.  At the time, I was with my extended family which made it all the better.  Thanks for taking “A Second Look”.  Who knows where this adventure will take me?  Stay tuned.  Other photos available at


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