A Water Story or Two

Day Three:  Today’s challenge in the WordPress Photo Course, Photo 101, is to tell a story with water.  Blues, greens, and turquoises are some of my favorite colors.  I tend to have a lot of favorite colors, but these three rank near the top.  Throw in a bit of white foam and I am “in my happy place.”


These images are of the Gulf of Mexico, specifically on the beach at Destin, Florida.  I have photographed these waters and beaches for many years, but always am disappointed by my inability to capture the sunlight highlighting the waves.


This time, I used my 70-200 lens and walked into the water’s edge.  The shifting sand kept me focusing not only on the incoming waves, but, also the need to keep my balance.  Dropping my camera in the surf was not an option!  Kneeling, rather than standing, in the sand and sea foam helped me to stay stable.

Key to capturing the these colors was to shoot in the bright hours of the day.  Usually, photographers are told to go sit by the pool or get in the water, not shoot images between 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.  Light that time of day casts shadows, very unflattering shadows, especially on people’s faces and most objects.  By experience, I have learned these beautiful colors of water are not present early morning or late afternoon or when it is a gloomy overcast day.

Everyone's-at-the-BeachShould I shoot horizontally or vertically?  I usually look to see if the direction of the subject matter is tall or long.   Ninety-nine percent of my water shots are taken from the horizontal viewpoint.

On the rare occassion, I do shoot vertically at the beach.  In this shot, I wanted to capture the feeling of how busy the beach was.  Boats, a jogger, someone with their beach umbrella, a woman looking for seashells, all were within my view finder for a few brief seconds.  The sugar white beaches, sea oats, and the incredible colorful waters of the Gulf of Mexico put everything into context.

More beach images are available at http://www.stephaniehalstead.com.

Thanks for taking “A Second Look.”


2 thoughts on “A Water Story or Two

  1. Your beach and water shots of the Gulf always make me sigh and I don’t know if I am more excited about your photos or that I live here and was probably with you when you did your magic camera thing!

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