Our second grandson at three months old. Sleeping peacefully on his mother’s arm.

In this fast pace age of social media, we hear the word connect often.  Connect with us on Facebook! Connect with me on LinkedIn!

Given what today’s technologies can do, it feels like the world is getting smaller, and on some level we’re more connected than ever before.

Sometimes those connections are deep.  Sometimes they only go just beneath the surface.

“Connect”  is the theme for Day 6 in the WordPress Photography Course, Photo101.  My interpretation of the word connect would have to include people.  Is is how I am wired.

This image, from my archives, best defines the theme connect for me.  Our youngest grandson is three months old in this image.  Now, he is four years old.  The little guy was very cooperative during this photo session.  He smiled.  He smiled some more.  This grandmother definitely felt connected to him!

He is resting on the arm of of his mother, our daughter.  She has been one of the greatest blessings in my life, ever since she was a small babe herself.  She is in a busy season of life now, grown woman, wife, and mother of two sons.  I was present in the labor and delivery room for the birth of each of our grandsons.  What a privilege!  Those two events will always be on the top ten milestones of my life.  Yes, my daughter and I are connected.

It is a blessing to get together with our daughter on a regular basis.   This is not a privilege I take lightly.  As an adult, I always lived hundreds of miles away from my mother.  She would have loved to share milestones with me, but those were most often done through phone calls, letters, and photos.   As a grown woman and later as a grandmother myself, it still warmed my heart to hear her call me “my baby” when we connected.  She is gone, now.  I miss her.  I miss that connection.

Connect . . . yes, for me that will always mean the people in my life.

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