Two Faces, Two Different Lights


Mystery Lady

Photography means “drawing with light”.

Whenever you or I snap a photo with our phone, camera or tablet, we use and record light to create an image.

A photograph can create a certain mood.  It can communicate an idea transcending its subject.

It has been a busy week, so I decided to combine assignments for Days 9 and 10 of the Photo101 WordPress course.  I wanted to share two images of the same person.  One person, but two different faces shown. The combination of the two in one post shows the difference the type and quality of lighting makes.  The mood of each photo is very different.

The black and white “Mystery Lady” image captures a sense of mystery (day 10).


Sunshine Girl

Day nine’s assignment was to make an image that showed warmth.

The second image, “Sunshine Girl” was taken outside in the bright sunlight.  The model held a reflector to bounce light onto her face.  Without the reflector her face would have been in deep shadows. The sun was high overhead and the day was very bright.

Thanks for taking “A Second Look”.  More images available at


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