Postcards from the Beach

Have you ever wished you could freeze those special moments in time?  Wouldn’t it be great to play them over and over with the same clarity as when each one happened?  Those moments are fleeting.  Often, it is these small moments, this motion, that we love to document in photographs.

If you have looked at much of this blog, by now you know I like photographing the beach, especially the Gulf of Mexico.  Here are a few moments of motion I captured.  Consider these as postcards of the beach from me to you.


Surf, Gulf of Mexico

Here is one of a young man in the edge of the surf.  Yes, the water really was this color of green.


Water’s Edge, Ripples in the Gulf of Mexico

Ripples in the water’s edge are so fun to walk through on a hot day.  It is a momentary work of art.


Taking Flight

I followed the bird with my camera, keeping it in focus and forgetting about the background.  This is called panning.  Notice the bird’s back foot.  It took only a few seconds for this bird to start flying.

Today’s assignment (day thirteen) for the Photo101 course was “Moment and Motion.”  Hope you enjoyed these postcards from the beach.  More beach photography is available at  Thanks for taking “A Second Look.”


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