Life, Lemons and Southern Tea

Sweet Southern Tea - With Lemons

Sweet Southern Tea – With Lemons

Life, lemons, sweet tea and a southern girl. . . with the heat index over 100 degrees, I am enjoying my sweet ice tea, with lemons of course!

Yes, in the South we use hot water to make the tea, then cool it down with ice.  Sweeten it a good amount, and then add lemons for a bit of tartness.

Many times you plan for something to go one way only to have it turn out completely different than you expected.  The choice is to add a bit of sweetener and to use the lemons to your advantage.  A bit sweet, a bit tart, life is full of both flavors.

After shooting this image, I have a lot of respect for those who photograph food.

In my case, all the items in this image were real, not artificial props.  The sweet tea had been refrigerated, but the ice still melted quickly.  It took several tries and several glasses of tea to make this image.

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